In the first post-Pandemic Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments, Falls Church City Public Schools is the only school division in Virginia to rank either 1st or 2nd in Pass Rates for all five tested content areas.

Based on data released this week by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), FCCPS students were tops in the state in both Science and Reading and second in the state in Writing, Math, and History. 

“We are very proud of the work of our students and teachers. This is evidence that despite the pandemic challenges, we found ways to meet the needs of the vast majority of the students we serve,” Superintendent Peter J. Noonan said. “While our achievements in the aggregate are excellent, we have a way to go to ensure true equity for all of our students. We look forward to continuing our work on behalf of all students.”

Overall FCCPS SOL Pass Rates for the 2021-2022 school year are:

  • Reading 92% - #1 (in VA)

  • Writing 89% - #2

  • History 89% - #2

  • Science 88% - #1

  • Math 87% - #2

“We are pleased with these numbers, but especially by the growth of all our student groups. It is a tribute to their hard work and commitment to learning in the challenge of the pandemic,” added Dr. Peter Weilenmann, Director of Assessment and Accountability for the division. “The results are also helpful in pointing out areas needing improvement, and we will continue to sharpen our focus on closing all gaps.”

Statewide, the overall Pass Rates in the five tested content areas are:

  • Reading - 73%

  • Writing - 65%

  • History - 66%

  • Math - 66%

  • Science - 65%

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